How to reduce your training cost




Break down in minutes

(time given in minutes is a guide only)


Why two hour lesson is better than a one hour lesson?


A two hour lesson leaves 100 minutes of ‘real time learning’ – THREE TIMES more learning time for only double the price of the one hour lesson. A two hour lesson makes sense for all parties involved as it offers the best value for money.


What you get for a 1 hour lesson

The 10 minute slot at the beginning and end of the hour relate to time taken to get in the car, adjust the seat, mirrors, admin time etc…

On a 1 hour lesson on average you get 40 minutes driving.


What you get for a 2 hour lesson

On average it takes 40 hours to pass a test, but by taking 2 hour lesson, this could dramatically reduce your training cost for the same price, YOU the customer will receive an additional 6 hours driving over the course of lessons.

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